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Convert our audience into your customers

Product promotion through sponsorship is one of the best ways to introduce readers to your business, product or service. A first-hand experience will be significantly more likely to entice a reader to want to learn more about your product, especially if the content is on a platform that is trustworthy, informative and functional, designed to provide the consumer with a great user experience.

We have a number of options for sponsorship to suit your requirements. It's likely the option you opt for will depend on the product or service you offer.

Content Reach

We use multiple methods to push content to our users. As we are primarily an article publisher, this is the main tool used to reach our readers. Followed by email marketing due to it producing the high quality leads and finally social media and other visual content platforms.

At this moment in time, we don’t have the facilities to produce content for YouTube or Podcasts, but with enough interest and financial support from our sponsors, that could be explored in the future.


Social Media

Email Marketing

Photo + Video

Sponsorship Options

Essentially paid product placement. Pay a fee and we will promote your product in an article, on our social media, or both!

Paid Articles are a good option for event coverage, company exposure and reviews.

Allow our readers to purchase your product or service through an affiliate link to your website. We usually recommend providing us with a discount code or incorporating the discount into the link to increase the chances of the readers clicking the link, leading to a sale.

This option is great for leading to product and service conversions.

Send us your product or a trial to your service and we will write and article about it.

Ideal for those looking for a real-world review on their product or service to enable customers to learn more about what you have to offer.

Let us drive your vehicle, test your tech, appreciate the beauty and history. The easiest way to write. Straight from the heart and mind. Please note this is location dependant, but we are spread across the globe or will travel with expenses paid.

Vehicle loans are great for those looking for reviews, content production, exposure or just letting us drive cool things!

Brand Exposure

If you’re looking to promote your product or service, sponsoring our articles or social media accounts can provide great exposure for your business.

Targeted Audience

If your product or service encapsulates the quality and functionality that our readers desire, sponsored content with TIRES + TERRAIN would enable you to reach that audience.

Organic Readers

We write our articles with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind, tagging specific keywords to drive organic traffic from search engines to our content.

Content Insights

Insights can be provided following the publication of sponsored content allowing you to see how the article performed.


  • The product or service must be of good quality or provide value to the consumer. We believe in transparency and truly offering good advice to our readers.
  • It must belong to the company you represent, or have written consent from the company whose product is being advertised, affiliated with or donated to us for our use.
  • If you offer a product or service, you must be a registered business or as a sole proprietor.
  • Where currency is exchanged or products and services are donated for promotion on social media, you are required to approve TIRES + TERRAIN as a brand partner where applicable.

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