Ethanol Fuel Calculator

The Ethanol Fuel Calculator helps you calculate the amount of ethanol-based fuel (such as E85) and regular petrol needed to achieve your desired ethanol percentage in your fuel tank. You might want to dilute the pump gasoline in your tank with a high percentage ethanol-based fuel to reach your desired mixture to increase knock resistance.

Follow the instructions to use the tool effectively. Refer to the fuel table for common ethanol and petrol content percentages in various fuels.

New to ethanol-based fuels such as E85? Educate yourself with our article.

E85 Fuel Calculator

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Fuel Table
Fuel Ethanol % Gasoline %
E5 5% 95%
E10 10% 90%
Sunoco Green E15 15% 85%
VP Racing Fuels C25 25% 75% High-Octane Gasoline
E50 50% 50%
E85 85% 15%
E85 Race Fuel 85% 15% High-Performance Gasoline
VP Racing Fuels C85 85% 15% Performance Enhancers
Sunoco E85-R 85% 15% Racing Gasoline
Rockett Brand E85-R 85% 15% High-Performance Gasoline
Renegade Race Fuels E85 85% 15% High-Performance Gasoline
Renegade Race Fuels Pro E85 85% 15% High-Octane Racing Gasoline
E98 98% 2%
Renegade Race Fuels E98 98% 2%