Role Description

Are you a passionate and talented photographer eager to showcase your skills in the dynamic world of automotive photography? We are offering a content exchange arrangement for a Photographer to have your work featured. As a Photographer, you will play a crucial role in capturing stunning images related to automotive guides, news, reviews, and features.

Collaborating closely with the TIRES + TERRAIN editorial team, you will ensure that your photographic content aligns with our high standards for quality and authenticity while showcasing your unique creative vision.

This is a content exchange arrangement with no compensation.


  • Proficient in the art of photography with a focus on automotive subjects
  • Strong visual storytelling skills to create compelling and professional images
  • Ability to capture a variety of shots, from fast-paced scenes to detailed close-ups, using your creative eye to produce stunning imagery
  • Passion for and knowledge of cars and the automotive industry
  • Capacity to collaborate effectively with a remote team
  • Previous experience in automotive photography is a plus

What is a content exchange agreement?

As a photographer, you would be collaborating with us and other like-minded individuals, exchanging your photography skills for goods, services, exposure, or reciprocal content. This informal trade system allows for creative collaboration and mutual benefit. If you’re a versatile writer looking to expand your network and gain diverse experiences, this opportunity offers a platform to engage in meaningful content exchanges. Clear communication and agreement on terms will ensure a fair and satisfactory arrangement for all parties involved.

About the company

TIRES + TERRAIN is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all team members. We value diversity and inclusion and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply.

If you are interested in contributing high-quality automotive content in exchange for a platform to publish your content, please apply with your resume, portfolio, and a brief introduction.

We look forward to hearing from you!